Iceland Post Office Hut

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Moving out of two dwellings (and an office), and moving everything into a new one has taken its toll on my posting but having just come back from Iceland, and having just met Craig Oldham of the Hand.Written.Letter.Project, I am re-invigurated and am getting back to the Radio Post. For now, here’s a delightful post office in relatively… Read more »

In The Post: Public Radio Book from New England

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This beautiful publication dropped in our letterbox of late from a long time reader in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. It runs through the scripts of small sonic IDs that Cape and Islands NPR stations play, followed by a little piece about public radio and how they kept it going there. She sent me two copies and as… Read more »

The Radio post on the BBC

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Some years ago, I made contact with an American radio producer, Julie Shapiro, through Irish radio producer (and Sounds Alive audio festival hero) Julien Clancy. I had sent Julie Shapiro a copy of the Radio Post and we had struck up a hand-written, postal correspondence through a mutual love of the posted word. At some point… Read more »

The Radio Post 3 on press

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Last week I was out at Plus Print watching issue 3 roll off the presses. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Away to folding it went then and I got about addressing all the envelopes. Posting the first 100 out this week. Because I’m printing a light ink on a dark paper the printing… Read more »

Welcome to the new site and a new Radio Post.

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Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to look up this website. What was traditionally a one page site to give people the address to write to in order to receive a copy of the Radio Post has now been expanded to provide a form of feedback, and of sharing. I will… Read more »