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Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to look up this website. What was traditionally a one page site to give people the address to write to in order to receive a copy of the Radio Post has now been expanded to provide a form of feedback, and of sharing. I will be posting images of the more interesting postcards or items I get (not personal details, just the visuals) and also flagging things I feel are of interest to Radio Post readers and lovers of analogue.

I rejected a digital component to the Radio Post project for too long. It’s great to finally have a place up here. And as ever, you can only get your free copy of my self-published Radio Post by sending a letter or postcard to me at the address in the sidebar. I will dispatch a copy anywhere in the world in return. Welcome and let’s keep the lines open. Start posting to me now and be the first to receive issue 3 when it comes back smelling beautifully inky from the printed next week.

Oh, and a huge thanks to Cian Fanning who built the site for us.

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