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Some years ago, I made contact with an American radio producer, Julie Shapiro, through Irish radio producer (and Sounds Alive audio festival hero) Julien Clancy. I had sent Julie Shapiro a copy of the Radio Post and we had struck up a hand-written, postal correspondence through a mutual love of the posted word. At some point she was commissioned by the BBC to make a programme on letter-writing and she got in touch to ask if I’d feature in it. Of course I jumped at the chance and recorded my part in the Copenhagen studio of Tim Hinman, an Englander turned popular Danish radio producer and host with the show Third Ear). The show is less than 30 minutes long and the whole thing is worth a listen, my part coming in at the 19 minute mark.



And if you want more like that, her addition to the amazing 99% Invisible mini radio docs series is all about the US postage stamp and you can find it via her link above.

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